Gruppo Carro Armato Fiat 2000


We are a group of fans of Military History, in the case of tanks, which has decided to rebuild the Fiat 2000, or the First Italian Armored Tank built in 1918 by FIAT.

The initiative is co-sponsored by various Weapons Associations:

- Associazione Nazionale Carristi d’Italia

- Associazione Nazionale Ufficiali Tecnici dell’Esercito Italiano

- Associazione Nazionale Arma di Cavalleria

- Associazione Nazionale Autieri d’Italia

- Unione Nazionale Ufficiali  in Congedo d’Italia

- Associazione Lagunari Truppe Anfibie

- Granatieri di Sardegna

The Committee operates under the legal and tax umbrella of the Florence section of the Association Assocarri , here the staff of the management committee

All those who are part of the Committee lend their work in a FREE way, the project is self-financing with donations and to help the project a contribution of 2 Euro is sufficient. Read more .....

We do not hide that the company is difficult, because there are no preserved specimens, the original project is not found, etc. etc. but our group boasts the contribution of first class Technicians and Engineers who, for free, are doing a reverse Engenering work, redesigning the Tank from scratch.



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