Gruppo Carro Armato Fiat 2000

The Valid Reasons to Build a Replica of the FIAT 2000


Recognizing the Tank Fiat 2000 does not enjoy a good reputation, even recently we read its cut, with the classic reasons:

It was slow and heavy

At the first motivation it is easy to answer just go to Page 46 of this article by Storia Militare del Settembre 1994 where there is a comparison table of the Fiat 2000 Tank with the French tanks of the same period, you can easily see that its speed was equal if not higher than the French tanks, the same as the Autonomy, we can discuss the heaviness but the Fiat 2000 Tank wore 7 Fiat machine guns and a 65 gun against the single gun of the others, certainly the firepower of the Fiat 2000 was superior and this equal to the thickness of the armor.

The employment in Libya was a FLOP

But who knows the history knows that it is not 'that the Renault Ft shipped to Libya along with the Fiat 2000 in the end have done much more than the Fiat 2000, in short, the speed' were those and to chase the Cavalry Senussita did not serve those Chariots Armed but the planes.

our motivations for building a copy of the Fiat 2000 Tank

Let's move on to the practical issues or our friends as soon as they are made aware of the project the first thing they ask us and why do we want to rebuild the Fiat 2000 Tank?

The Carrista specialty in Italy was born with the Fiat 2000 this because it was the first Tank designed and built in Italy.

Because even though their designers started from Zero, they succeeded in designing and realizing an original vehicle, objectively not lacking in the technical limits and faults common to the wagons made by the other powers involved in the conflict, but distinguished by some original and innovative solutions.

Because it was the biggest and heaviest, the first to have a cannon in a revolving turret around the horizon, the first to have the fighting room separated from the engine compartment, when all the tanks built up to that moment they had the engine located in the fighting room.

Because his proggetists were Carlo Cavalli and Ing. Giulio Cesare Cappa well-known names that in their time left the mark of their innovations, innovations that even today we find in everyday cars, just think of the coverage of the distribution mechanisms, the start control by clutch pedal in the passenger compartment , instead of the uncomfortable crank, the use of ball bearings to replace the friction bearing bushings and the light alloy pistons

Because the future of our companies operating in the defense sector sinks in the past and in the roots also with means like the Fiat 2000 Tank and it is right to pay him homage.

In short, all valid reasons that have pushed us into the impression of building the copy of the Fiat 2000 Tank.

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